Phoenix Contact Solid State Contactors and Motor Starter - Single and Three Phase


Solid state contactors and motor starters provide fast, frequent, and precise load control. In addition to these control benefits, electomechanical contactors improve system reliability. Other features include:

  • No contacts to wear out or corrode    
  • Consistent and fast-switching    
  • Integrated protection circuits on the input and output   
  • Can be directly controlled by the PLC




Three-phase solid state reversing motor starters

Combines the functionality of four devices in one package.    

CONTACTRON 4-in-1 replaces the need for two contactors for reversing motors or redundancy applications. In addition to replacing contactors, this product has integrated motor overload protection to allow for use in other starter applications.

Additional features include:

  • 22mm wide design saves 75 percent of mounting space when compared to reversing mechanical contactors
  • Safety rated (Safety category 3, safety integrity level (SIL 3), ATEX)

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High power solid state single-phase load relays

Input ranges of 4-32Vdc or 24-230Vac can be supported with this new selection of solid state relays known as Electronic Load Relays (ELR). All new versions of these single-phase ELRs support a 42-660Vac output range. Adding to application versatility is the available amperage ratings of the outputs. These DC or AC input products are available with outputs that can drive 20, 30 or 50 amp loads.



  • Versions that switch 20, 30 or 50 amp ac loads 
  • Industrial functionality 
    • Low noise and high frequency switching
    • Theoretically infinite number of switching cycles
    • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Typical applications include: 
    • Heaters (temperature controllers)
    • Light and lighting systems
    • Conveying systems
    • Other industrial machines
  • Output protection circuit

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